Christmas is right around the corner and I need just a few more decorations for my home. I want something colorful but also something I can make. We have made a fun flower in the past using a paper towel roll which has given me a fun idea for a Christmas decoration.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Paper towel roll

2. Scissors

3. Silver tinsel

4. Paint brush

5. Paint ( I am using a red, blue, orange, green and yellow)

6. Glue gun

Once you have all of your pieces cut you will want to paint them. I am painting the outside and inside of each piece.

You can paint as many pieces as you want and use whatever colors you want. I am painting 2 pieces for each color paint I am using.

Once the paint is dry you will then want to glue your pieces to the tinsel.

I pushed down on each piece of the paper towel roll to give them a shape of a Christmas light bulb. I added a small drop of hot glue to the center top of each piece and glued them to the tinsel.

I glued my pieces about 3 inches apart from each other onto the tinsel.

This is so easy to make and would make a fun craft for your kids to do.