If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you all know that my husband Wally has joined The Shabby Tree crew full time. We wanted to do something fun in his office and we decided to give him a statement wall. We looked into a few different options and we decided that a peel and stick wallpaper would work perfect for what we wanted. I love a peel and stick wallpaper because it is not permanent. You can find this wallpaper in a variety of stores. We ordered this particular one from Amazon. The exact wallpaper I used for this project is currently sold out but you can find similar styles through my affiliate link herehere and here

We chose this particular print because we loved the brick appearance and the color was perfect for his office.

You will be amazed at how real this brick will look once up on the wall.

We are doing the main wall that is directly behind his desk.

I started in one corner and worked my way over. The wall paper has a paper on the back that you will need to gradually peel off. I peel a small section down at a time as I place the paper onto the wall.

You want to be sure to press all air bubbles out and make sure to have the paper completely secured to the wall. I used my hand to press the paper onto the wall but you can use any type of smooth tool to press the paper onto the wall and get all air bubbles out.

I used a box cutter to cut the paper. You will need to cut around the outlets and cut across the bottom of baseboard. This is very easy to use but you do have to be sure to line up the print as you move onto the next row.

I had to trim the paper at top a few times in order to get my print to match up perfectly.

I had to cut my paper to size for my last row. I trimmed a few inches off of the width of the paper in order to get it flush to the corner.

I would highly recommend this paper to anyone who wants a quick and easy change to any room. This is very easy to use and is amazing for a statement wall. The hardest part to this project is making sure to line up your print.

I hope you will have fun and get creative . This is such a fun item to add to any wall in your home.