If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you have seen me use printed rice paper before. Rice paper is very easy to use and there are so many different ways to get creative with it. I recently just came across printable rice paper and I’m super excited to get creative with it. I have been wanting to try and create my daughter a fun gift using a photo from her recent wedding. This rice paper is exactly what I need to make this DIY quick and easy.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Printable rice paper ( you can find my affiliate link down below to order the rice paper)

2. Wooden cutting board

3. Paint brush

4. Decoupage by DecoArt

5. Scissors

The first step is to print your image onto the rice paper. I printed a photo from my daughters wedding.

I will be decoupaging this rice paper onto a wooden cutting board that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. You can decoupage the rice paper onto any type of item that you want.

You will trim the rice paper to what size you want. I wanted the rice paper to have a rough edge so I wet the ends of the paper and then ripped pieces to give it a rough edge.

Once I had my rice paper trimmed to the size I wanted I then added the decoupage onto the cutting board.

You will place the rice paper on top of the decoupage.

You will add more decoupage over the top of the rice paper.

I decided to tear more of the edge of the paper before the decoupage dried.

I tied a small hang tag to the top of the board.

You can use my affiliate link to purchase the rice paper. Be sure to use CODE BARB to receive a 10% discount. https://europeanexcellency.com/product-category/rice-paper/page/8/

This paper is very easy to print onto and it works amazing for decoupaging. I hope you will give this product and this DIY a try.