If you have never tried using Resin then please check out what I made. I want to show you how easy it is to use and how amazing it looks.

I will be using two different wooden items. The heart shape one from the Target dollar spot and the tree shape wooden item is from our website. Your items must have an indention or space where the Resin can be poured into.

You can find Resin in almost any craft store and you can also find it in Walmart in their craft section.

I decided to decoupage some music paper onto the center area of the heart. You want to be sure that the decoupage if fully dried before adding the Resin.

You can add buttons or bling to your bowl or tray before adding the Resin. I did not glue any of the buttons or bling in place.

You can find our Shabby Tree Bling at the link below :


One you added your embellishments it’s then time to mix the Resin.

This is so easy to use and the most important part is to mix equal amounts. You will mix equal amount of bottle A and bottle B together in a plastic cup.

The Resin comes with the small measuring cups and then I poured the equal amounts into a larger plastic cup.

You will mix them together as shown in photo above.

I added a touch of a fine glitter to give a sparkle effect.

Once you have the Resin mixed you’ll then slowly pour it into your item.

I had the Resin come up over the edge of my heart. This looked better to me but you can have the Resin stay in the center.

You can use a heat gun to pop any small air bubbles that you might have.

These turned out amazing and they were so easy to create. I hope this will inspire you to give Resin a try.