Ok I am getting excited because Fall is right around the corner which means it is time to start creating a variety of pumpkins. We have made so many different types of pumpkins here at The Shabby Tree which are all different and unique. I recently picked up some sisal rope from Walmart and I think we can use it to create a fun pumpkin that can be used throughout your home.
You will want to make loops of the sisal rope. The paper plate will help to keep your loops all the same size.
You will do 4 complete loops and then cut the end of the sisal rope. I used wire to wrap around all 4 loops to secure them together.
You will do this same process 8 times giving you 8 groups as shown in photo below.
The next step is to glue the loops to the dowel.
Once you have all 8 groups glued in place you will then wrap a long strip of the sisal rope around the inside .
I glued the beginning and the end in place.
I painted the top of the dowel with the gel stain and then glued the greenery sprigs in place.
This pumpkin is so easy to create and you can create it in a variety of sizes. If you want it to light up you can add a strand of battery operated lights to the center. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.