I love decorating my home for all holidays. It is hard to believe how fast the months are flying bye. I feel like I was just decorating for Christmas. I do keep trees up in my home all year long and decorate them for all holidays. I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the Easter decorations I have up in my home.

My fireplace mantle in my living room has a message board in the center that says Happy Sunday. I placed a few of the bunnies on the ends that we sold here at The Shabby Tree. I made a banner that spells out Spring. A banner is and easy holiday decoration to make.

I seem to be obsessed with my primitive bunnies this year.

In the corner next to my mantle I have a tall 7ft tree. I kept it simple and placed a few of my decoupaged ornaments on it.

I have the sock bunnies that we made here at The Shabby Tree on a small table in my living room.

I have a variety of trees throughout my home. I added the DIY cardboard carrot up on top of my cabinet with my grapevine tree.

I always feel like a few handmade items throughout your home will give your home a cozy feeling. I always try to inspire everyone to have a few message boards throughout your home.

I have a few bunnies throughout my kitchen.

I have two amazing bunnies that one of my followers sent me. I have these bunnies in a long wooden box on my kitchen counter.

I keep a silver platter on my stove where I have an adorable sock bunny. This sock bunny was sent to me by one of my followers.

I have a feed bunny that I sold here at The Shabby Tree on top of my old cabinet in the kitchen.

I have a few trees in my dining room that have some handmade ornaments on them.

I love making the salt dough ornaments and the sculpey ornaments.

I have a few ornaments that are from garlands that I cut apart.

I have some special ornaments that a few followers have sent me.

I have two trees in my foyer that have a variety of ornaments on them.

You will see the bunny top hat that we made here at The Shabby Tree. I used the top hat as my tree topper.

I added a few handmade items into my dough bowl.

You will see a lot of the items that we have made here at The Shabby Tree throughout my home.





There are a few items that I have in my yard and on my porch.

I hope you all enjoyed my Easter decorations and I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Easter.