I was recently in our Dollar Tree Plus and came across a set of Stacking Pumpkins.These Stacking Pumpkins were $5.00 and I just knew I had to get some. These are fun to use as is but I want to change them up.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One set of Stacking Pumpkins from the Dollar Tree

2. Drill and drill bit ( you can use any size drill bit that you want)

3. Rust-oleum Multicolor Textured spray paint

4. Exacto knife

5. Terra cotta pot ( mine is a 10 inch pot)

6. Flat black spray paint

When you open the pumpkins you’ll have three different size pumpkins.

I drilled holes into all three pumpkins.

I did not measure the distance between my holes. You will want to just randomly drill holes over all three pumpkins.

I decided to use an exacto knife to trim the small pieces off that are hanging at the edge of the holes.

I did this to all the holes on all three pumpkins.

Once I had all of the holes done on all three pumpkins I then used the spray paint.

I used about a can and a half to cover all three pumpkins.

I bought a 10” terra cotta pot to add the pumpkins to. You can use any type of pot that you want but I saw a terra cotta pot in Walmart and decided to go with that.

I used a flat black spray paint on my terra cotta pot.

I want my pumpkins to light up so I added a strand of our twinkle lights up into them.

These pumpkins are so easy to get creative with and there are so many ways you can change them up. I love how mine turned out and I love that they light up.

I hope this will inspire you to have fun and get creative. It’s always fun to change things up and create things your way.

This spray paint works very well and really changed the look of the pumpkins.

You can find the lights that I put in my pumpkins right here on our website https://theshabbytreeboutique.com/shop-mBiWY/p/twinkle-lights-with-brown-cord