A lot of people ask me why I am always so happy and why I love to go to work. Well there are a lot of reasons but the Christmas room at our warehouse is one of those reasons. This is the room that I always walk into first when I get to work. This room is filled with items that are made from all of our followers and a few items that we have made here at The Shabby Tree. As you scroll through all of these photos you will see amazing talent and creativity.

As you walk in this room you will see our Shabby Tree mat at the door which was sent to us from one of our amazing followers. Our amazing elf Eloise also greets me at the door each morning.

Eloise is a large Annalee that I purchased from Home Goods a few years ago.

Eloise sits next to our 7ft flocked Christmas tree. I placed the tree in a large basket that I purchased from Home Goods. If your following The Shabby Tree then you all know that I have this tree in a tree rotating stand that I purchased from Amazon.

This tree is filled with all different kinds of ornaments from our followers.

As you look around the room you will see that I have a wall lined with antiques cabinets. These cabinets are filled with items that our followers made and sent to us.

As you look through these photos you will see a lot of the DIY’s that we have done here at The Shabby Tree.

As you look throughout this room you will see so many trees that have been created so many different ways. You all know how much I love trees so I know you understand why this room makes me so happy.

All of our followers have so much talent and they are all so creative in their own way.

I keep a faux fireplace mantle in this room which is where we have all of our employees stockings hung.

You will see a lot of different art work on the walls which is also from our followers.

There is so much to see in this room and I just love looking at everything. I hope this room will show you all that there are so many different ways to be creative.

As you make your way back out of the room this snowman display is on the right.

I hope you enjoy this room as much as we all do. This is an amazing room and makes me so happy everyday.