Ok everyone I seem to be at my warehouse more than my home lately. I want to show you a quick peek of what our warehouse looks like. You will see where I do my lives from and things we do throughout the day.

This is what you will see as you first enter the front door. I keep a variety of trees in this room. This is our main front room to the warehouse.

I have our large Spring and Easter tree in this room as well as our Valentine tree. Both of these trees are in the tree turner stands. You can find these rotating tree stands on my amazon must have page.

I have the Spring and Easter tree in a large basket I purchased from Home Goods.

In the photo below you will see the cabinet I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I keep this against our chalk board wall. We use our chalkboard wall a lot to write you all messages.

I also have Ruby and Max sitting on top of the cabinet from Hobby Lobby. Ruby and Max are my assistants for Spring.

We have a sofa from Home Goods and a table from Hobby Lobby in our front room. The floral print rug is from Walmart.

We keep a large cream chippy door against the wall next to our mantle. Both of these items were purchased from an antique store. We like to use the chippy door for photos.

I purchased the mantle to give the room a cozy feeling. I am here at this warehouse everyday and I want it to have a warm and welcoming feeling.

This is also the same room you have been seeing me do my lives from. I have a small table that I pull into this room. We also have a variety of tripod lights that we use for our lives.

Right off of this room is Joy’s office.

This is where Joy spends her time putting merchandise onto our website.

Joy has a lot of items that she keeps in this room that she uses for her photos.

Most of the items your seeing in Joy’s office are from Hobby Lobby.

I love this large mirror that we hung on the wall. The mirror was purchased from Hobby Lobby at 50% off.

The cream rug in Joy’s office is from Home Goods.

In the corner of Joy’s office she has a tree decorated with ornaments sent to her from followers.

My office is also off of the front room and right next to Joy’s office.

I will do computer work in here and sometimes I will do my lives from here.

I have a variety of trees I’m my office. This is where I now keep the rose gold trees from Walmart.

I seem to be always moving things around in my office as well as the whole warehouse.

As you leave the front room you enter this space. This is where we keep all the cards and letters we receive from all of our followers. We are moving to a new warehouse soon so we started collecting them all in the basket on the floor.

Once we move into our new warehouse we will have a designated wall for all of these. I love to stop and read all the amazing messages from everyone.

Our bathroom is right off of this area.

It’s just a small bathroom but we must have a few trees in here too.

After you leave this are you come to the center of our warehouse. One part is our kitchen area and then the other part of our wrapping and packing station.

I love the refrigerator I purchased from Home Depot.

I must have my donuts❤️❤️.

This is where I keep the tree for all the ornaments that say The Shabby Tree on them.

The rug we have in here is from Home Goods.

Off of the kitchen is out folding area.

We wrap all of your clothing in tissue paper with a Shabby Tree sticker.

This is where we keep all of our bags and most of our clothing.

We keep all of our jewelry in this area. It is all hung on peg boards.

Next to our folding room is Hope’s office where all the shipping labels are done.

The sofa in Hope’s office is from Home Good’s. Her tree where she keeps all her ornaments from our followers is in the corner.

The rug is from Home Depot and table is from Hobby Lobby.

The last area is our back room. This is the back part of the warehouse where I keep all my craft supplies as well as items on our website. We keep all of our home good items in this area in Rubbermaid containers.

I keep all of my doilies and lace curtains and all my thrift store finds in clear Rubbermaid containers.

All of our packages get picked up from the post office at the back end of our warehouse. They will pick up the orange bins and leave us new empty bins.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our warehouse. We will be moving soon and hope to give you a tour of our new warehouse.