My family and I have spent the last few days thinking up and creating the best gift guides we could think of to help you shop this holiday season! These gift guides include products entirely from Amazon and as an Amazon associate I make a small percentage off of products purchased through the links on this blog post. With that being said, I spent hours researching to find the best possible products…

Now lets talk gifts!





For The Crafter. 

1. Self Healing Cutting Mat – This is a must have for any crafter! It is perfect for scrapbooking, quilting, sewing and lots of other crafts.

2. Mini Craft Iron – This is great for small sewing projects and other things that you need an iron for, but you don’t want to pull out your large clothing iron.

3. Pom Pom Maker – This is great for adults and kids! It is so easy and fun and comes with multiple pieces so you can make multiple different size pom poms.

4. Wood Burning Tool Kit – I have this exact set and love it! It is the perfect way to decorate wood items and make them your own.

5. Cordelss Glue Gun – I also have this glue gun and it is the best! I love that it is cordless so I can use it outside or anywhere without an outlet. This one has batteries included. Or you could buy batteries separately here.

6. Surebonder Fabric Glue Sticks – If you don’t like to sew then these are a must have! I use them on all of my fabric DIY’s and they have worked amazing!

7. Tripod Ring Light – I use a tripod ring light for all of my videos and it is one of my most used purchases! This one is a great price and has great reviews!

8. Crafting Storage Cart – This is another must have for crafters! If you know someone who loves to craft then they probably have a lot of crafting supplies. A storage cart like this one is the perfect place to keep all of those supplies!

9. Cricuit Explore Air 2 – This is the perfect DIY cutting machine! It allows you to cut a large variety of materials and create tons of different DIY’s. This one comes in multiple different colors and has amazing reviews!

10. Dremel – I have a dremel and use it all the time! I love this one because it comes with multiple attachments, accessories and even a plastic carrying case!





The Guy in Your Life. 

1. Tile Pro – This is the perfect gift for the guy who is always losing his keys. There is also a Tile Slim for the guy who is always losing his wallet.

2. Yeti Cup – Everyone guy in my family loves yeti cups and this one comes in a large variety of different colors!

3. 11-1 Credit Card – This is such a cute idea for a stocking stuffer! It fits in the credit card slot of a wallet and has 11 different uses that would come in handy for guys.

4. Beats Headphones – Every guy loves headphones and these specific ones are on great sale!

5. Ugg Slippers – My husband has these exact slippers and wears them year round. They are so comfy and have a fur lining inside that is perfect for the winter months.

6. Carhartt Hat – This is a great basic hat that the guy in your life is bound to love. It comes in multiple colors and has great reviews.

7. Beer Chiller Sticks – These are so cool and perfect for any guy that loves to drink beer!

8. Electric Shaver – A good shaver would be a great gift for the guy in your life. This one has five blades and is cordless!

9. Socket Set – What guy doesn’t love tools? This is a gift that would definitely come in handy and it’s on sale!

10. Toiletry Bag – This is great for guys to keep their shaver and other things in!






For the Tech Lover. 

1. Echo Dot – This is the perfect compact smart speaker! It can play music, answer questions and can even turn on and off lights!

2. Echo Dot Wall Mount – If you have an echo dot this is a must! It holds your echo dot, saves space and hides that ugly wire cord!

3. AirPods – My son has these exact headphones and loves them! They are wireless and work great.

4. Wireless Charging Pad – This is the perfect gift for anyone with IOS products! Just place your iphone, apple watch, or airpods on the pad to charge and forget about constantly searching to find your charging cord.

5. Digital Picture Frame – This is a great gift for anyone who loves pictures throughout their home, but is running out of space to keep them. A few years ago we bought one for my mom and she loves to keep it on her counter as it flips through all the photos of her grandkids!

6. Tile Pro and Tile Slim – The perfect gift(s) for the person who loses their stuff! Place either of these tiles on/in your items and ping them from your phone whenever you can’t find them.

7. Outlet Extender – A great gift for the person who is running out of outlet space. This outlet extender turns a two plug outlet into a six plug outlet!

8. Wireless Phone Photo Printer – This is perfect for the person who loves to take photos on their phone! It allows you to instantly print photos off of your phone and it is currently on sale!

9. Fire TV Stick – This plugs into your TV and allows you to stream Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Pandora and more through wifi. It has amazing reviews and is on sale now!

10. Long Phone Charger – This one here is perfect for iphones and ipads and this one here is perfect for Android products. This really is a great gift for anyone!





For the Traveler. 

1. Collapsable Coffee Cup – This is great for anyone on the go! It expands into a full size coffee cup and when you’re done it collapses to fit in small spaces. This one comes in a wide variety of different colors!

2. Luggage Scale – This is great for anyone who flies often! I bought my daughter one before she went off to college and she used it all the time.

3. Neck Pillow – A neck pillow is a great gift for anyone who loves to travel! This one is amazing because you can twist it into the shape that is most comfortable for you.

4. Carry On Luggage – A good carry on luggage is another must have for someone who travels often. This one is a hard cover, comes in multiple colors and has great reviews!

5. Scratch Off Map – This is such a cute gift! Last Christmas I gifted my nephews, who both travel often for work, scratch off maps. It is such a fun way to remember the places you’ve visited!

6. Universal Travel Adaptor – This is a great gift for anyone who travels internationally! It converts plugs from over 150 countries so that you will never have to worry about being able to charge your phone.

7. Portable Charger – I have multiple portable chargers and love them. It is the perfect item to keep in your purse or car incase your phone dies unexpectedly!

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones – Noise cancelling headphones are the best! They are the perfect way to get some quiet time while in places like the airport.

9. Travel Wallet – This is a great way to organize your boarding pass, license and other documents you need while traveling!

10. Travel Tote Bag – Tote bags fit so much stuff and are the best when traveling. This one comes in multiple patterns and has a spot that you can slip your suitcase handle through.





For the Homebody. 

1. Slippers – Slippers are a great gift for anyone! These ones are memory foam and have amazing reviews!

2. Fuzzy Socks – Everyone loves fuzzy socks! I love to wear them when I’m lounging around the house. These ones have great reviews!

3. Insulated Wine Glass – I have an insulated wine glass and I love it. It is the perfect way to keep your chilled wine chill for longer. This one has awesome reviews and comes in many different colors.

4. Heated Blanket – We have a few heated blankets throughout my house and my kids love to use them during the fall and winter months. It is the perfect item to grab and snuggle up on the couch with!

5. Dutch Oven – I don’t have one of these, but I have heard amazing things about them. This one comes in a bunch of cute colors and has a few different size options.

6. Wax Burner – You all know that I absolutely love my wax burner and use it year round throughout my home. This one has great reviews and comes in a large variety of styles.

7. Pajama Set – I love pajamas, especially the comfy kind! This one is so soft and comes in tons of different colors!

8. Keurig – I absolutely love my keurig! It is so easy to pop in your flavor of choice and make a single cup of coffee! This one is the single serve style and comes in three different colors.

9. Battery Operated Candles – I keep battery operated candles all throughout my home and love them! These ones come in multiple different styles and also come with a remote.

10. Back Massager – Everyone loves a good back massage! This is a heated back massager and has amazing reviews.





For the Fitness Fanatic.

1. Protein Bars – My daughter likes to workout and loves these protein bars! Her favorite flavor is blueberry.

2. Hair Ties – Both of my daughters love these hair ties because they don’t leave creases in their hair after wearing them for long periods of time.

3. Fitbit Versa – If you know someone who loves to workout then a fitbit would be the perfect gift! This one tracks all of your fitness data and has Alexa built in so you can ask it questions. I absolutely love the rose gold color!

4. Foam Roller – My daughter and son both have one of these and love them! They use them to roll out their muscles after working out to prevent them from being sore the next day. This one comes in a bunch of different colors!

5. Hydroflask Water Bottle – A good water bottle is a must for anyone who loves fitness! This one works amazing and comes in multiple colors!

6. Adjustable Ankle Weights – These weights are adjustable and would be perfect for any fitness lover!

7. Duffle Bag – A good duffle bag is a must and this one comes in a ton of different colors and patterns.

8. Dry Shampoo – Dry shampoo is perfect to spray in your hair to freshen up after a quick workout. My daughter uses and loves this brand.

9. Yoga Mat – Both of my daughters love their yoga mats. They both use them for yoga and other stationary workouts. This one is on sale and comes in multiple colors!

10. Running Sneakers – My daughter loves this brand of running shoes and these ones are on currently on sale!





For the Beauty Buff. 

1. Sleep Eye Mask – An sleep eye mask is the perfect gift! This one has great reviews and comes in six different colors.

2. Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat – My daughters love to clean their makeup brushes. They use a makeup brush cleaner and this mat and they look good as new afterwards!

3. Electric Toothbrush – I use an electronic toothbrush and it is so much better than your average toothbrush! My teeth feel so much cleaner and it makes brushing less of a hassle!

4. Hair Waver – This is such a great variation of a curling iron. It will give your hair the perfect wavy texture!

5. Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror – My daughter has this mirror and uses it every day to do her makeup. One side is magnified which allows you to do more detailed makeup looks.

6. Ice Roller – This ice roller is perfect to use on your face in the mornings to reduce puffiness and wake you up! This one comes in a wide variety of colors.

7. Clarisonic Face Cleaning Brush – This brush is so amazing! It is the best of both worlds because it cleans your face and exfoliates at the same time!

8. Wet Brush – This brush is perfect for people with longer hair. My oldest daughter has hair that tangles easily and she swears by these brushes!

9. Makeup Bag – This is a must for anyone who loves beauty! This one has a bunch of different pockets on the inside and it comes in several different colors.

10. Heated Round Brush – I use a round brush and a blow dryer to dry my hair each morning and this is like both in one! It is heated and will dry your hair without the need for a blowdryer. As a bonus this one is on sale and has great reviews!



I hope you loved these gift guides and I hoped they helped you find gifts for all your loved ones this holiday season!