OMG everyone I went to Walmart over the weekend and I just have to show you some of their Christmas decorations. I know your going to say it’s too early to think about Christmas but if you don’t grab it when it is first being put out your going to miss out on some of the items. They have a lot of great items and they seem to be at great prices.

They have a large selection of ribbons and wrapping papers. I love all of the black, red and white that they have out.

You can find gift bags for under a dollar. They also have a variety of gift card holders.

I picked up these two gift card boxes because I just love the print on them.

You can find a variety of tinsel and tinsel wreaths.

They have a fun selection of tree toppers.

You will find a large selection of ornaments in all colors and designs.

You will find some fun sprigs that also have a clip on the end. I love these for a tree or just to clip to a package.

They have a variety of small trees and home decor items.

Here is an angel that I just had to get. She is going to look amazing on my fireplace mantle.

The puzzle trees that I bought last year are back out again. They now have three different sizes. These are fun to put on your porch. I spray painted them last year a different color.

They have a variety of garlands and wreaths.

They have an amazing light up ribbon garland for your mantle.

Here are a few items that I just love for a front porch.

The large $3 candy cane is a fun item to add outside. This candy cane can easily be changed up by removing the tinsel and getting creative by using fabric or yarn to add a fun piece inside of your home.

I always grab a lot of Christmas lights from Walmart. You will only see me buy the white box with red because I love the warm light. They do sell the white box with blue which is an led light.

The 20 strand is great to have for your tiny trees.

If you love the red truck then you might want to check these out. They have a stocking, tree skirt and pillow with the red truck on them.

There are so many amazing items to choose from and they have a variety of styles.

I hope you enjoyed this peek of Christmas. It is much easier to see it all when it is just being put out. You will see me showing a few of these items as I am putting up my own christmas decorations!