I love to sit on my front porch and I love my porch to have a cozy feeling. When people come up to your porch the first thing they will be looking at is your front door. I love incorporating garlands. And lights around my door. I seem to get a lot of questions about how I place my garlands and where do I get them from.

Here are some items I will be putting around my doors on my front porch.

The first item is a ribbon. I purchased this ribbon from Hobby Lobby. It is a poly pro mesh ribbon and I’m using the tan color.

The second item is my greenery garland. I also purchased this from Hobby Lobby. I will be using 2 of these around my door.

I will also be adding lights. I like to use the brown twinkle lights that I sell on my website.

Some other items you will need are a hammer, nails, wire, wire cutters , scissors and maybe some twine.

The first thing I do is gather the ribbon at the end. I tie the end with some twine. We will be placing this ribbon around the whole doorway.

You will want to hammer a few nails in around the doorway. I start at the bottom and place a few nails going around the whole door way. You just need a few. You will want to make sure to have one at both ends of the doorway, both upper corners and top middle. I will add more here and there if needed.

Starting at the bottom you will begin placing your ribbon. You can wrap with twine or wire. I am using a piece of wire and wrapping it around the ribbon and then around the nail. I will leave the excess wire hanging because this will be used to hold your greenery.

You will want to do this process until you have your ribbon completely secured around your door frame.

Now it is time to add your greenery garland. I have two pieces that I will be adding around my door. I will start with one garland at the top center of the door frame.

You will take your wire and secure your garland around the nail. I then do this same process bringing the greenery garland across the top right then down the side of door frame.

I then take the second greenery garland and do the same process to the left side of the door frame.

Once my ribbon and garland are all secured in place I then add my lights.

I secure my lights in place with the nails and wire.

I did not do the greenery completely down the sides of the door way. I wanted to stick to just 2 greenery garlands.

I did not do the greenery completely down the sides of the door way. I wanted to stick to just 2 greenery garlands.

This is a twine star that I purchased from a wholesale company.

This is the DIY twine star that we made here at The Shabby Tree.

These are wired flowers that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

This is my side porch door.

This is the front door of my porch.

This is the wreath on my front door. The wreath is made of the same greenery around the doors. The metal flower I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I added the diy twine stars and the white wired flowers around the door frame.

There are so many ways to decorate around your door. This is what I have done and i hope it inspires you all to give it a try.