I want to create some stars in a variety of sizes for my mantle. Wooden shims come in different sizes and are very easy to get creative with. I will be using 2 different types of wooden shims to create 2 stars.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Wooden shims ( I got mine from Home Depot) 2. Hot glue

3. Lace ( I’m using old lace curtains)

4. Tinsel ( I have silver and red)

5. Scissors

You want to connect the wooden shims to form a star. This will take some playing around and moving the shims until you create the shape you want.

Once you have the star formed you will then glue the shims together .

Once the star was glued together I then placed the lace curtain over the star.

I added hot glue onto the wooden shims under the the lace.

I trimmed off the excess lace and then glued on tinsel.

I used a silver tinsel and went around the star three times.


I created 2 different size stars using 2 different size shims. You can also use paint sticks or ruler sticks to create these stars. These are very easy to make and I hope you will get creative and give them a try.