If your new to my page then you might not have seen some of these items I’m about to show you. We have been busy and made a lot of items here at The Shabby Tree. I’m going to show you just a few of my favorite. These are not in any specific order.

The lace cement birdbath was so much fun to make. You can find the video of how we made this on our Facebook page.

These wooden trees were a must have for me. These can be created in a variety of sizes. You can find the directions for these wooden trees right here https://theshabbytree.com/diy-wooden-trees/

This is an old lamp that we turned into a flower pot. This is one of my favorite things I like to put on my porch for the summer.

This is such a quick and simple light idea. I love having these in my kitchen. All you need to do is add some battery operated lights to your graters.

You can create some amazing wreaths by rolling sheets of music paper. I like adding one of my silver platters to the center. You can find the video of me making them on our Facebook page.

I love turning old containers into small light fixtures. I just add an electric candle with greenery to create a cute and fun light fixture.

We turned a styrofoam head into a fun and unique decorative piece.

The baseball bracelet are a fun and unique item to create. I made these during my sons baseball season. You can find exactly how to create these right here https://theshabbytree.com/diy-baseball-bracelet/

Here is a fun idea for the Fourth of July. You need some baseballs and some paint.

You can create some fun and unique trees by simply stacking items.

This is a recent DIY. If you have a styrofoam ball and some Q-tips you can creat a unique flower.