Ok everyone I have been making some cute Americana items out of canvas. If your following The Shabby Tree you saw my Americana banner and the Americana stockings. I have been wanting some flags to go with those items.

The supplies you will need:

cream canvas material,


glue gun,

red paint,

blue paint,

cream paint 

paint brush.

First you will need to cut rectangles out of your canvas. You will cut the rectangles according to how big you want your flag to be.



Next your going to paint your blue corner onto your flag. I like to mix a little water with my paint when painting on fabric.



I’m painting on the left corner of one and the right corner of the other. I’m only doing this because I want to put my flags in a tree and I want them to face opposite directions.

Next you need to paint your red stripes on.



Once the blue is dry you will then paint on some stars with the cream paint.



Once the paint is lol dry you will flip the flag over. Put some hot glue down the side with the blue paint. Add your stick and pull the end of fabric around stick.

When you flip it back over you have your flag.
I just love how these turned out. I know you can buy flags but I wanted some out of canvas to incorporate them with my other canvas items I made. These are simple and cute and I hope you give it a try.