If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you all know why I came up with this DIY! I decorate with trees throughout my home all year long and I wanted something fun for spring and summer… which led to this idea! This tree can be created in a variety of ways and you can create it any size you want. I will be making a few of these to be placed on my fireplace mantle.

The supplies you will need to create this DIY are:

1. Chicken wire

2. Jute or yarn

3. Wire cutters

4. Scissors

5. Wire

6. Hot glue

7. Moss

The first thing you will need to do is roll out some of the chicken wire. After you’ve rolled out some of the wire you will be rolling it back up at a diagonal (this is going to create a cone shape for your tree).

I chose to start at the top of my tree. You will begin rolling tightly and go wider towards the bottom.

after I’ve rolled the wire at a diagnol a few times I grab mywire cutters and start to cut my chicken wire at the top of my tree and work my way towards the bottom.

After you’ve cut the wire you want to fold the ends of the chicken wire in to hold the form of the tree.

Once your tree is formed from the chicken wire it is time to start wrapping your jute around it.

You’re going to start at the bottom base of the tree. I will be using hot glue and wire to hold the first row in place.


I begin to place hot glue and wire until my first layer is complete around the base of the tree.

You can now continue wrapping the jute around the tree working your way towards the top. I am not adding any hot glue as I wrap because I want to be able to add moss and lights between my layers of jute at the end.

As you get to the top you will need to add hot glue to secure the end in place.

As I wrap the very top of my tree I am leaving a small hole in case I want to slip a stick in with a tree topper later on.

Once all the jute is on and secure I am going to add a little moss.

To keep my moss in place I am adding a little hot glue where I want to place the moss.

I added moss here and there throughout the tree. Once my tree was complete I added a set of lights in the tree.

I absolutely love how this tree turned out! You can make a variety of these trees in all sizes. These can be placed almost anywhere in your home. I hope you all enjoyed this DIY and will give it a try!