If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you probably saw the DIY dress form that we made a while back. The dress form is very easy to make and turns out amazing. You all know that I love trees and Christmas is approaching quickly. If you love decorating and you want something fun and unique then you will love this idea! You will need to make the main dress form that we made a while back and then we are going to transform it into a fun and unique tree.

You can find the directions for the dress form right here. You will only want to make the main form and we will be adding a variety of items to it.

The other supplies you will need are:

1. Greenery sprigs (I purchased some everyday greenery sprigs from Hobby Lobby)

2. Wire

3. Wire cutters

4. Scissors

5. Dollar Tree tin cookie sheets (these are only if you want to create an angel)

6. Wide burlap or ribbon

You will want to bend the end of your greenery and insert it into the lower basket. I am inserting mine about half way up.

You will do this the all the way around the basket. I am inserting mine a few holes apart from each other. This will all depend on how full your greenery sprigs are.

We now need to create our upper layer. I am cutting all my individual stems of my greenery apart for this layer. I want this layer to be very full at the waist area of our dress form.

I am adding these individual sprigs to the very top part of the lower basket.

You will do this all the way around until the skirt if your tree is full.

I then added a piece of burlap ribbon around the waist if the dress form.

I used wire to hold it in place. I then added a few berry sprigs throughout the greenery. I feel like this helps it have a Christmas feel. I can remove the berries after Christmas and keep this as an all year long tree.

I then took the Dollar Tree tin cookie sheets and cut out 2 wings. I am going to add the wings to turn this into an angel dress form.

I glued the wings together in the center. I then inserted a piece of wire to attach them to the dress form.

I attached the wings to back of the dress form right at the edge of the burlap ribbon. The wings are optional but I think it turned out very cute.

You can add some thin wire lights to the greenery.