I know it may be a little early to be thinking about Christmas decor, but I love Christmas and I especially love decorating for it! I am always searching for ways to create unique and affordable crafts using everyday items and so for this DIY we are going to be making ornaments using colanders. If you’re looking for something fun to put on your front porch or out in your yard then you’re going to want to give this colander ornament a try! 





The supplies you will need for this DIY are: 

1. Two plastic colanders (I got mine from the Dollar Tree, but you can get them anywhere)

2. Clear glue

3. Red spray paint

4. Battery operated lights

5. A Christmas sprig

6. A Dremel



The first thing I did was take my Dremel and cut the handles off of both colanders. 





Next, I spray painted both of the colanders red. After the colanders finished drying I cut a hole into the center of one of the colanders. The hole needs to be large enough for you to fit your battery operated lights through it.





Next I took my clear glue and glued the two colanders together. The colander that you cut the hole in will be your bottom colander. 





After I glued my colanders together and let them dry the last thing I did was add my Christmas sprig to the top and added my battery operated lights into the center of my ornament through the hole we created in the bottom. 





You now have a fun Christmas ornament that lights up and can be used on your porch or in your yard this holday season! I really hope you all enjoyed this DIY and will give it a try!