I was in Home Depot today and found myself out in the garden center. It is Spring so they are fully stocked on flowers and yard items. As I was walking down the isle a piece of plastic edging caught my eye. As soon as I saw the this piece of plastic edging I knew what I wanted to create. The way this particular edging is cut on one end just screamed the top of a crown to me. It will soon be Memorial Day and Fourth of July and I thought it would be fun to create a Patriotic crown.

The main supply I will be using is a piece of plastic edging. I purchased this edging from Home Depot.

I will be using spray paint and acrylic paint. You can paint this plastic edging any way that you want. I am here to share the idea of turning this plastic edging into a crown and you are to get creative and create it your way.

The sticker on this edging was very hard to get off. I used warm water and goo gone to remove the sticker. I then lightly sanded the plastic edging and then spray painted it.

I used a gold spray paint on one and a cream color on the other.

I will be leaving the gold one a solid gold but I will be adding a blue and red paint the cream one.

I taped a strip of painters tape down the center. I came up about 2 inches from the bottom.

I then painted the bottom part red and the top part a blue.

I decided to go over the center area with a white chalk paint. This is optional but I decided I wanted to touch up the center because the tape pulled off some of my cream paint.

I then painted the back side blue.

I gave both a light spray of polyurethane.

You will connect the ends to form the crown.

I will be adding some silver tinsel and our DIY Patriotic cotton pinwheel to the red, white and blue crown.

I added a few doilies and bling the gold crown.

This crown is very easy to make and makes a great decoration to add to your home. I hope you will get creative and give it a try.

You can find the blog showing how I made the patriotic pinwheel here: https://theshabbytree.com/diy-patriotic-cotton-pinwheel/