Fall is around the corner and I wanted to come up with an easy way to make a decorative pumpkin. We have been doing a lot of crafts with tin cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree. I knew these would be a great item to use for creating a simple pumpkin. If you love the farmhouse look then your definately going to want to give this a try.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Cookie tins from the Dollar Tree (you will need 3 cookie tins)

2. Glue gun

3. Scissors

4. Wooden shim

5. Paint (I’m using a buttermilk and I’m also using a metallic lustre from Deco Art)

6. Paint brush

7. Green material or ribbon

8. Spanish moss

The first step is to cut the edges of the cookie sheets off. You will need to do this to 3 cookie sheets.

Holding all three cookie sheets together I cut out three ovals. You can cut your oval or circle to be any size you want.

I then lightly painted my ovals with a buttermilk color paint.

Once all three ovals were painted and dry I then glued 2 of them together. I slightly overlapped them and glued them in place with hot glue.

I then added hot glue to back of the third piece and placed that in the center of the other two.

You now have the form of your pumpkin. I cut a piece of the wooden shim for the stem of the pumpkin. I glued this onto the top center. I added a little of the metallic lustre onto the shim to give more of a grunge look.

Next you will want to cut out your leaves. You can use any type of fabric or ribbon for your leaves. I am using a green mesh ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

I gathered the end of the leaves and glued them next to the stem of the pumpkin.

I then added some moss to the top to hide where we added the stem and leaves.

I used the metallic lustre to outline the shape of my pumpkin. I rubbed the metallic lustre all around the edges of the ovals. I am using the expresso metallic lustre.

I also added a piece of the wooden shim to the backside of the pumpkin. This is optional but I feel like it helps to hold the form of your pumpkin together.

This pumpkin is so easy to make and it turns out amazing. You can hang this on your front door or display it any where throughout your home.