One item that I love having in my living room is my old metal gate that I have in front of my fireplace mantle. The piece of gate that I have is an old silver piece of metal gate that I picked up at a local antique store. I love hanging different wreaths on it throughout the year. I was sitting in my living room last night and thought we could some how make a faux metal gate. My metal gate is a heavy piece of gate and I thought if we could make a faux one that it would be easier to move around or hang up.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Four pieces of pvc pipe (mine are 1- 1/4” and 24 inches long)

2. Four pvc L shaped adapters to fit your pvc pipe

3. Spray paint (I am using an antique pewter

4. Black paint (optional)

5. Maple Gel Stain (optional)

6. Wire cutters and needle nose pliers

7. Chicken wire (mine is the pack that is 24 in by 25 ft)

8. Knob or handle (optional)

9. Sponge or paint brush

Be sure to remove any stickers that might be on your pipes or connectors.

The first step is to connect your four pipes together using the four L shaped connectors.



I would spray paint this piece now before adding the chicken wire. I did not and I wish I had. Once you have it spray painted and dried you will then add the black paint and gel stain to give it a more rustic look.

I just used a sponge brush to blotch the brown gel and black paint on. You can wipe some off with a rag. I did this after the chicken wire was on and wish I had done it before adding the chicken wire.

You will want to spread out the chicken wire and wrap the end around the pvc pipe. Be sure to have your chicken wire cut evenly.

be sure to cut the chicken wire so that you will have the little metal posts at the end. These metal posts are what you will use to attach the chicken wire securely around the pipe. You can use zip ties for attaching the chicken wire but I did not like how they looked around the pipe.

You will place the little metal posts through one of the holes and bend it over.

You will do this down the the whole side.

You will cut the chicken wire and wrap the other side. Be sure to make it nice and tight so that it does not sag in the center.

I screwed on a handle that I got from Hobby Lobby.

This is so easy to make and I just love how it looks like metal pipes. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try. This can be placed any where in your home or it can even go outside.