I’m not a big wreath person but I wanted something fun for Valentine’s Day. I found some styrofoam wreath forms in Hobby Lobby and I knew I wanted to incorporate fabric onto them some how. You can find a variety of heart forms In all sizes and I knew I wanted to create some items for my valentine trees and something for my fireplace mantle. I knew a rag wreath would work for both .


The supplies I will be using are:

1. Styrofoam heart shaped

2. Scissors

3. Material ( I am using a drop cloth from Home Depot)

For this particular rag wreath I will be cutting strips of fabric. You will need to figure out how wide and how long you want your strips.

I will be cutting my strips 14 inches long.

My strips will also be 1 inch wide.


My styrofoam heart is 8 inches and I will be using 46 of these strips to cover the whole heart.

Once you have all your strips cut it is time to start wrapping them around your heart form.


Take a strip and fold it in half.


You will place the folded strip around the wreath form.


You then bring your end pieces up and through your loop.


Pull your ends and you will have a rag look .


You will continue this process going around your whole heart form.


You can add a little glue to the top center and bottom point to help hold your pieces in place. I only added a little glue to these two areas.


When your heart rag wreath is complete you can add a bow or embellishments to it.


I like the wreath plain but I’m going to add some doilies and bling to mine.


I am just adding some glue to the back of my doily and placing it onto my wreath.


I will do the same thing to my bling embellishments.

I just love how this rag wreath turned out.


You can do this rag technique on almost any wreath form. This would look amazing on a round styrofoam form also. I hope you all enjoyed this DIY and I hope you give it a try.