Fall is right around the corner and I love to add a variety of pumpkins throughout my home. You can create pumpkins so many different ways. I was in the Dollar Tree and I just knew that the plastic bowls that they have would make a great pumpkin. You can use any bowls for this easy project they do not have to be these exact bowls.

You will need two plastic bowls for one pumpkin.

If your bowls are colored you can always spray paint them. I spray painted all my bowls with a nutmeg colored spray paint.

Some other supplies you will need are:

1. Burlap ribbon (I buy mine in Hobby Lobby)

2. Scissors

3. Box cutter

4. Yellow paint and paint brush

5. Hot glue

6. Spanish moss and stem

7. Marker

Once your bowls are spray painted you will want to cut out your face. I used a marker to draw the face and a box cutter to cut it out. You will also want to cut a hole on the bottom of your bottom bowl.

Once my face was all cut out I then painted the inside of my bowls yellow.

You will then glue these bowls together with hot glue. After my bowls were glued together I then gave it one more coat of the nutmeg spray paint.

It is now time to start adding the burlap ribbon.

I cut 8 strips of the burlap ribbon about 19 inches long.

You will start to glue your strips onto the pumpkin. I added glue to the top center and then glue to the bottom.

You will want to slightly over lap your strips as you go.

I added a little glue down the sides of the stop to keep them flush to the pumpkin.

You will then add a stem and Spanish moss to the top. I cut two leaves out of a green mesh ribbon and added them to the top.

This pumpkin is so easy to make and you can get creative and use a variety of colored ribbon to cover your pumpkin.