I started decorating my mantel for Spring and I want to create a few new items to add to it. We recently made a fun and unique bunny head using two beaded loops. This bunny head looks great hanging in the center of my mantel. I thought I could use two more beaded loops to create some eggs for the ends of the mantel.

The supplies that I’ll be using for one egg are:

1. One beaded loop

2 scissors

3. A scrap piece of a lace curtain

4. Hot glue

5. Doilies

6. Bling embellishment

The first step is to form the beaded loop into the shape if an egg. The beaded loops are from our website. You can click the link below to check them out.


You’ll want to add hot glue going around all of the wooden beads.

Once you have the hot glue on all of the wooden beads you’ll then place the lace on top.

I added more hot glue over the lace to secure the lace in place and to help secure the beads in place. You want to pull the lace tight so that it won’t sag in the center of the egg.

The next step is to use the scissors to trim off the excess lace.

I wanted to add a pop of yellow to my egg to help it mix well with my bunny head. You can check out the bunny head by clicking the link below.


I’ll be adding a yellow doily with an ivory doily and a small Shabby Tree bling.

You can find our Shabby Tree bling by clicking the link below.


These eggs are very quick and easy to make . They look great on my mantel and I hope you’ll have fun and give them a try.