I have been buying a lot of paper mache items lately and I found an amazing paper mache book on Amazon. They have a variety of sizes in this book but I bought a large size. As soon as I received this book in the mail I knew it would make an amazing memory box.

The supplies I will be using for this memory box are:

1. Paper mache book from Amazon (this book measures about 10 1/2 by 13 1/2)

2. Glue gun

3. Four wooden candle holders

4. Paint brush

5. Suede by Deco Art (I am using the color coffee)

6. Texture by Deco Art (I a using the colors champagne and pearl)

I am using Suede by Deco Art because I feel that this will give the paper mache book a real suede look.

You will want to paint the outside and inside of the book.

This does not take long to dry and does not require a lot of coats. I did one full coat and added a few touch ups here and there.

I painted my four wooden candle holders while the book was drying. These will be used as legs in the bottom of the book. You can use any type of knobs for the legs.

Once the book is dry you can then decorate the top. I am using Texture by Deco Art to create a few trees on top of the book. This box is going to be The Shabby Tree’s memory box so I feel that it should have a few trees on top. The texture is going to create the trees to have a texture look. I have used this product a few times before and I love how easy it is to work with.

I want this project to be quick and easy so I am just applying the texture with simple strokes to create a tree.

I created two trees and applied the pearl colored texture first. After I finished the pearl texture I did a few strokes of the champagne colored texture.

You don’t want to smooth the texture out. I applied the texture thick and this is what is going to give that texture appearance. This does not take long to dry and looks amazing.

This is a memory box so I decided to add a hang tag with stamped message on top.

I added a few ribbons and a bling embellishment to the tag.

I glued the tag to the top of the book and then I glued the four legs onto the bottom of the book.

I added a little of the champagne texture to the side of the book.

This memory box will hold notes of special moments that happen here at The Shabby Tree.

I love how this box turned out and I love how the Suede by Deco Art gave the paper mache book a look of real suede. This is a fun project and there are so many different ways to create it. I hope you will all get creative and have fun making this memory box.

You can find the exact paper mache book I ordered from Amazon through my affiliate link here: https://amzn.to/3t1skVB

DecoArt doesn’t currently have suede available on their website yet, but you can find the homepage for DecoArt and look through all their available products through my affiliate link here: https://shop.decoart.com

You can also find the DecoArt  texture mattalic paint through my affiliate link here: https://shop.decoart.com/americana-decor-texture-metallics?ref=barbaralewis