If you love decorating for Fall and Halloween then your going to want to make this. I was in Home Goods and found an amazing plaster pumpkin. I knew as soon as I saw this lace detailed pumpkin what I was going to make with it. I use a lot of lace and muslin when crafting and knew I wanted to use this pumpkin to make some type of pumpkin girl.







The supplies you will need to make this pumpkin girl are:

Tomato cage

Muslin material Lace(I’m using lace curtains I found from Goodwill)

Wire Wire cutters



Spiral saw






The first step is draw your face on your pumpkin. This can be any type of face you want to cut out.





Once your face is drawn onto pumpkin you will need to start drilling holes. You need to drill holes to use the spiral saw.







After all your holes are drilled then place spiral saw into your hole and cut along your lines. This will allow you to cut out your face.






I also cut a hole on bottom of pumpkin. You need this hole so that you will be able to place the pumpkin onto your dress form.







Your next step is to take the wire and tie the end of tomato cage together.








This will be the top of your dress . I also took the wire and wrapped it around the top a few times. You need to do this step because this is where you will hang your strips of material from.






Next I took a large piece of my muslin. Enough to drape over and cover the whole tomato cage. We are making the underneath of our dress .









I took the scissors and cut home. I then pulled the muslin down to where my wire ends.







I then cut strips of my lace and muslin. I measured the length from where my wire on top is to bottom of cage and doubled that. I doubled it so that it is easier to drape down cage.








You continue this process mixing muslin and lace until you have the top completely covered. You can loop your material any way you want. This will give your dress that shabby chic look. Once your dress is complete it’s time to place your head on top.








I decided to add a doily to the top of mine.







You can place battery operated lights inside the pumpkin head. I love how she turned out and I hope you give it a try.