I am obsessed with trees and I wanted to make a tree that I can leave out all year long! This turned out so cute and I’m excited for you all to give it a try. The supplies you will need are:

1. A tomato cage

2. Wire

3. Jute

4. String

5. Material (I’m using Burlap, old lace curtains and an old bread spread)

6. Wire cutters

7. Scissors.



First step it to take the wire and add extra wire rings to your tomato cage. You will start at the largest ring of your cage. This is going to be the bottom base of your tree.




Come up the poles of the tomato cage about 1 and 1/2 inches. You will tie the wire in place with your jute string.
You will continue this process until you get to the top.





Once you get to the top you need to pull the 3 wire poles together to form the top of you tree. Secure them in place by wrapping the wire around them. Then take some jute string and tie it all in place.


Your wired tree is now ready for your material. You will need to cut your material into strips. I really don’t measure my strips I just cut them into strips about 1 and 1/2 to 2 inches wide.



I found it easiest to cut all my material into long strips and then cut those long strips into shorter strips as I’m wrapping. You’re going to take your long strips and cut about a 12 inch strip to wrap and knot around each wire ring.



This tree is going to be a shaggy rag tree so I didn’t worry about everything being exactly measured out.




You’re going to continue wrapping and knotting your strips around the wire rings. I alternated my fabrics as I went.



You will continue this process all the way to top of tree. Your tree will look like the tree in the background when you get to the top.



You can add a star to the top or leave it plain. This is an amazing shabby chic tree and I hope you give it a try!