I love decorating for Fall and I love to decorate with pumpkins. If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you know I love to decorate trees all year long. I wanted a way to make some pumpkins that I can put on my tree but pumpkins that can also be used as bowl fillers. I know that not everyone puts up a Fall tree which is why I wanted to create some pumpkins that can also be used as fun bowl fillers.

Your main item that you will need are some round ornaments. These ornaments can be glass or plastic.

You can use colored or clear ornaments because you will be painting these ornaments orange.

I am using an orange spray paint but you can also use an acrylic paint. Some other supplies you will need are a glue gun, scissors, spanish moss and something for your stem. I am using wine corks and small tree sticks for my stems.

I first spray painted my ornaments orange.


I then added my stems and Spanish moss to the top.

I removed the wire hook from the ornaments and hot glued the top piece of the ornament back on.

I used scissors and cut my wine cork in half.

I glued the wine cork to the top and then glued Spanish moss around the top.

I added some antique wax to my pumpkins to give them a more rustic color.

You can stick the wire hook from the ornament into the wine cork and hang these pumpkins on your tree.

These small pumpkins also make great fillers for your dough bowl.

These are so easy to make and I hope you will all get creative and give them a try!