Ok I found this amazing chandelier at a thrift store for $10.00. If you love to be outside in the summer evenings your going to want to give this project a try. I just love solar lighting around my yard in the summer nights so I decided to turn this electric chandelier into a solar chandelier. 




This is not a hard project but you will need some supplies. You need to find a chandelier, solar lights (how many depends on the size of your chandelier) a dremel, pliers, tape measure, a marker, E6000 glue.
First thing you need to do is take off all the lighting fixtures on chandeliers. I just took the wire cutters and cut all the wiring.
Then I took the dremel and cut the metal piece of lighting . I left about an inch on chandelier. This will help to support your solar light.
Once you have all the light fixtures off of chandelier you will need to decide how high you want your solar lights to stand on chandelier.

Your solar light will have a pole that should come unattached from your solar light. Measure how high you want your solar light and then mark your pole with a marker or piece of chalk. Take your dremel and cut your piles. 




After all your poles are cut you will need to attach your solar light to your poles . Now you will need to secure your solar lights to chandelier. 





I attached the solar lights to chandelier with E6000 glue but I also used some hot glue to help hold it in place while the E6000 glue dries.


I took the hardware that would attach the chandelier to your ceiling off . This way I can just hang the chandelier from my tree outside by its chain.




I just love how this turned out and I love how it looks at night. My chandelier came black and I decide to leave it that color. If you wanted your chandelier a certain color just spray paint it. I hope you all enjoy this project.