I love decorating with stars because it is something that you can use all year long. I have been looking for a way to make a large star. This Diy is so quick and simple and you can design it to incorporate with your decor style.


The supplies you will need:

1. Ten plastic shirt hangers

2. Scissors

3. Zip ties

4. Material (this is optional)

The first thing you will do is pair your hangers into groups of 2. You will be joining the two hangers together forming what looks like a triangle. You will secure them in place using zip ties. I just placed zip ties where my hangers overlapped it joined together.

Once you have them joined you will now have 5 pieces to join together to form your star.


You will be overlapping them and then securing them all into place using zip ties.


Once you have your star done you can either glue material onto the star or you can add tinsel. There are so many different ways to get creative and decorate these stars. I will be placing this one that I covered with a large piece of a chenille bedspread on top of my fireplace mantle.