If your looking for an ornament that can be used throughout the whole year then you need to give this a try. I love incorporating stars throughout my home decor. This stuffed star can be used as an ornament or even bowl fillers.


The supplies you will need are:

Material (I’m using a basic burlap because it’s a neutral color for all year long)


Fabric glue


Marking pen or chalk

Star pattern( I’m using a star cookie cutter and a paper star from Dollar Tree that you can find in their party supply section)

First step is to trace your star onto your material. I’m using a tan burlap so I like to use chalk to trace my star. The chalk will wear off and you won’t see any markings.


Once your stars a traced you will cut them out.

You will need to trace two star pieces from your material for each star. You need a back and a front. I am making a bigger star and a smaller star but each star will have 2 pieces that we will be glueing together.

You will need to put glue on one piece of star fabric. I do this process in small sections at a time so I can match them up.

You will place your other piece of star material over your glue. You will continue this process around the whole star but make sure to leave about an inch to 2 inch opening . This opening is where you will stuff the star before glueing completely closed.


Add your stuffing to star and then finish glueing your star closed.


Once your stars are stuffed and glued together you can get creative and decorate them. I like to add lace and doilies to some. You can add glitter around the edges. I also like to use different fabrics or even use cutouts from printed fabrics to glue onto the front. I hope you enjoy diy and have fun with it.