I saw a mop in the Dollar Tree and I knew I had to make something with it. We are making a simple tassel ornament that can be used in a variety of ways.
The supplies you will need are: 1. Mop ( this one is from Dollar Tree) 2. Twine 3. Scissors 4. Elmer’s glue 5. Glitter 6. Burlap tape ( I got this from Walmart) 7. Greenery sprig
First thing to do is take your mop apart to get the mop strands.

I am using 4 strands of the mop and I am tying a piece of twine around the center. This will hold the strands together and will also be the hanger for your tassel.

You will fold the mop strands forming the tassel and then add a pice if the greenery to the top. Next I take the burlap tape and wrap it around to secure the greenery in place.

Once my tassel is wrapped and secured I cut my strands shorter. This is an optional step. I just like my tassel a little shorter.

I then added a little Elmer’s glue and glitter.

You can add berries or tinsel to the top or leave it plain and simple. You can use this as an ornament or you can add a few to a strand of ribbon and make a garland. This is a very simple and quick DIY and I hope you all give it a try.