My foyer is always decorated for every holiday and it has two trees that stay up all year long. I thought I would give you a quick peek at what it looks like for this Christmas this year.

I knew I wanted my large vintage Santa sitting in the chair that I keep in my foyer all year long. This Santa is from an antique store as well as the rudolf sitting on his lap.

Next to the vintage Santa is a 7.5 ft tree that I keep in my foyer all year long.

We made a few ornaments on this tree and a few are from our website You can find the directions for this fun paper ornament below.

The cookie cutter ornaments were very easy to make and I love the colorful paper I used. You can find the directions for these down below.

I love mixing the black and white check trees from our website into the garland because they go with the rug I have in my foyer.

I keep a smaller tree to the left side of the foyer. This tree has a variety of vintage Santas stuffed into the tree.

I found a box of chocolate ornaments in Home Goods that I also added to the tree. These are chocolate wrapped in foil.

It is very hard to get a good photo of my foyer. I hope the photo above will help you see where I keep the two trees in my foyer. You should decorate your home with items that make you happy and my vintage Santas make me happy. I hope this will inspire you to have fun when decorating your home.