Fall is here and the holidays are quickly approaching. I love decorating for Halloween and I bought a few new decorations this year. Home Depot always has a variety of fun animated decorations. I love being outside on my porch and I always love decorating it for Halloween.

My favorite Halloween decoration is my animated rocking witch from Home Depot.

The creepy crawling guy shown above Is a new decoration from Home Depot this year.

The large man eating plant on the left is also one of my new animated decorations. This was in Home Depot last year but some how my amazing husband found me one.

The pumpkin in photo above is also a new decoration. I got my pumpkin from a store called Final Cut but I also saw it in Target. The pumpkin is so much fun and has a projector inside that allows it to talk and make different faces.

I have a variety of skeletons throughout the porch.

You can find the directions for the buzzards that I have in the trees down below.
































You can find the directions for the bushel basket pumpkin down below.


I love how my porch turned out and I’m ready for trick or treaters.