I love old, rusty things and I use them a lot to decorate with throughout my home. A lot of the old rusty items that I see in the antique stores seem to be a little pricey. I wanted a way to find some everyday items and transform them to have the old rusty appearance. I am using a product called Metal Effects and you’re going to love how easy it is to use! I am going to use a few plastic items and a tin soup can to create some amazing rusty fall decor.

I purchased the Metal Effects product from Hobby Lobby. It was $21.99 and I used a 40 percent off coupon on it. You can use whatever item you want and give it a rusty look with this product. I am using some plastic trays from the Dollar Tree, a plastic pumpkin I got from my local Goodwill and a soup can.

I did use my dremel and cut out a pumpkin face on my Dollar Tree tray. I will be attaching 2 of these trays together to make a pumpkin.

It is a three step process for making your item appear rusty. The first step is to paint your item with the primer that is in the box. You will want to give it 2 good coats.

I am painting a variety of items.

Once you have your primer on and it is all dry it is time for step two. The second step is to paint the primer on. You will want to be sure to give it a good 2 coats and allow some drying time in between each coat.

Once your second step is done and dry and it time for the last step. The last step is to spray the rust activator on.

You will want to spray it once and give it about 5 minutes and then spray it again. The spray activator is what makes the rust appear. It might not look all that rusty in the beginning but as you give it time to dry you will see all the rust start appear.

I painted some black paint on a few of my faces.

This 98 cent plastic pumpkin turned into an amazing primitive container for my fall tree.

I also created an amazing pumpkin to hang on a door or sit on a mantle. This pumpkin was created from the two Dollar Tree trays. I glued the trays together with hot glue and added a wooden shim with twine to the top for a stem. You can decorate the pumpkin by adding some leaves and some battery operated lights to the inside mouth area.

The rust effect is amazing and I just love how all of my items turned out!

I hope you will all give this a try and get creative. If you’re like me you will get hooked and be looking for new items to make rusty.