I decorated my front porch this Spring with a daisy theme and I love how it has turned out. We’ve created a few different daisy items here at The Shabby Tree but I would love to make a large daisy wreath.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One 12 inch wire wreath form from the Dollar Tree

2. Poly-fil

3. Eighteen pipe cleaners

4. Two rolls of white mesh ribbon ( mine is 10 inches x 6 yards)

5. Two 15 inch placemats

6. Scissors or rotary blade

7. Upholstery thread

8. Doll needle

The first step is to cut 23 inch strips of the mesh ribbon.

I got a total of 18 strips from both rolls of ribbon.

The next step is to fold the strips of mesh ribbon in half and wrap one of the pipe cleaners around the ends.

Once you have the pipe cleaner wrapped around the ends you’ll then wrap it around the wreath form.

I placed the pipe cleaner ends around the center rings of the wreath form.

I twisted the pipe cleaners and brought them back through the front and gave them another twist.

You’ll do this to all 18 strips of mesh ribbon. I added all 18 strips onto the wreath form and placed them wherever I needed to fill the wreath.

The next step is to add the placemats. I cut about an inch of the placemat off.

Once I cut the placemat I then sewed them onto the wreath form.

I placed one placemat on the top and the other placemat on the bottom of the wreath form. You’ll then sew through both placemats and the mesh ribbon.

You’ll want to add some poly-fil before completely sewing it closed.

The poly-fil will add some puffiness to the center of the daisy.

This wreath will look great on my front porch. You can see some other daisy items that we made for my porch by clicking the link below.