Ok I get a lot of questions about what kind of makeup do I like to use. I’m not a big makeup person and I like to make things quick and simple in the mornings. I don’t spend a lot on makeup and I will usually grab most of it from Walmart. I will show you all the items I like to use in the morning.

The first step I always do is place a moisturizer on my face. I have been using this Olay product for years and I love it.

You only use a small amount which allows it to last for a while. I rub this all over my face and neck.

I then use a powder foundation. I also get this in Walmart.

I like to use the color classic beige. It comes with a brush that is attached to the top.

After I brush my foundation on I then use a blush.

I like the color bare honey but they have a variety of shades.

I use an espresso colored eyeliner by cover girl.

I love this eyeliner because it does not require a sharpener and goes on very easily.

The mascara I use is by Maybelline and I like the blackest black.

I always wear a lip gloss and lip liner. Two of my favorite are from Walmart.

This one is by Maybelline and the color is labeled as Topaz 009.

I like to use a lip liner by Revlon with this lip gloss.

The color of this lil liner is labeled Nude 630.

Another one of my favorite lip gloss’s is by L’Oréal.

The color of this lip gloss is labeled 505 Modern Mauve.

I like to use a Maybelline lip liner with this lip gloss. The color for this lip liner is labeled 115 Totally Toffee.

And last is a brush hair dryer by John Frieda.

I purchased this brush hair dryer from Amazon. I have very thin hair and this dryer helps to add volume to my hair.

These are items that I use everyday and they make my mornings quick and easy. I won’t lie I’m not very good at doing makeup and these items help make it easy for me. I always seem to have a hard time finding the right colors for me so I thought I would share the ones that I find to work best for me.