Ok I finally finished decorating my front porch for Christmas. I usually keep my porch the same each year but I changed it up a little this year. The trees that you will see on my porch will stay on my porch all year long. I love trees and I keep them throughout my home all year.



I added one new tree this year which is a 7ft tree I purchased from Home Depot. This tree is the first thing you see when walking up onto my porch. I love this tree and it will stay on my porch all year long.

Standing next to this tree is a large Santa blow mold that I purchased from our local Goodwill.

I keep a smaller Santa blow mold at the top of the stairs as you enter the porch.

I like to use message boards that we have created here at The Shabby Tree throughout my porch.

I added some felt poinsettias to the small tree on top of my antique cabinet. This tree always stays on this cabinet and I will add different items to it throughout the year.

The large wooden angels were made from a local crafter.

I make a lot of different banners and I decided to make a large Merry Christmas banner for the porch.

I keep an old antique sink at the end of my porch. I purchased this from one our local antique stores a few years ago.

I found these amazing wooden boy and girl cutouts at Hobby Lobby.

As you turn the corner on my porch you will see an old antique dresser with an old chicken coop hanging above.

I have battery operated candles throughout my porch. This candle is in our DIY hanging candle holder that we made here at The Shabby Tree.

You will see a dress form tree that I turned into an angel tree. I purchased this tree from Walmart a few years ago and added angel wings and burlap ribbon.

I hung three wreaths going down the side of my porch. These wreaths are hanging with the top of the wreath facing down. I added a strand of battery operated lights to each wreath.

I added red berries to the greenery that i keep around my door all year long.

I have two hanging glass candle holders as you walk up the porch. I purchased these from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

I like to place all of my trees in containers. The cement containers are great for the front porch.

As you can see I like a lot of trees and a lot of lights. I hope you enjoyed my porch and that it has inspired you to decorate and make your home a place that makes you happy.