I love decorating for Christmas and I seem to decorate with a lot of my vintage Santa’s. If your following The Shabby Tree then you already know that we make a lot of different ornaments for our trees. I want to create a simple Santa hat ornament that I can easily add to a few of my trees.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Paper plate

2. Cotton balls

3. Glue gun

4. Red paint

5. Paint brush

6. Scissors

The first step is to paint the back side of the paper plate.

You will then fold the plate in half and then cut the plate in half.

I used the hot glue to hold it in place. The next step is to add the cotton balls.

I unraveled the cotton balls to wrap around the base of the hat. If your cotton balls do not unravel then you can just pull them apart.

I used the hot glue to attach the cotton balls. Once you have the bottom rim of the hat covered with the cotton balls you will want to add a cotton ball to the top of the hat. I bent the top of the hat down and then glued a cotton ball to the tip.

This hat is so easy to make and will look cute on any tree.

I like a primitive look so I coffee stained a few of the cotton balls. I just add instant coffee to some warm water in a bowl and dip the cotton balls in. You will want to squeeze the cotton ball out and lay them out to dry.

These are very easy to make and they are something that your children would enjoy creating. I hope you will all creative and give them a try.