If you have not been in a thrift store then you don’t realize what your missing out on. I find so many treasures in our local Goodwill that I use throughout my home. You can get so creative and use a thrift store find in so many different ways. I am going to show you some of the items from Goodwill that we seem to use a lot here at The Shabby Tree.

You should always grab silver trays from your local thrift store. We have made a platter wreath out of these.

I added a decorative hook to a silver platter to create a unique towel holder for my bathroom.

One of my favorite items for the silver tray is to create a message board.

I always grab any type of silver containers that I see in our local thrift stores.

We use silver containers for a lot of our DIY’s. I love putting my flowers and trees in them.

If your following The Shabby Tree then you know we use a lot of glass items for all different DIY’s. We recently made a cute night light out of a salt shaker.

We made amazing glass solar mushrooms from some glass vases and bowls that I picked up in my local Goodwill.

I always tell everyone to buy any lamps that you see in your local thrift stores. You can use the base of the lamp for so many different things. We created an amazing bird bath from a crystal lamp and glass bowl.

You can also make a fun and unique plant stand from the base of a lamp.

I love to mix cream items with my glass and silver. You can find a lot of the cream bowls at a great price in a thrift store.

Candlesticks are great to use as risers for all type of items. I always pick up a variety of them from my local thrift store.

I used a candle stick to make a cake riser for my buffet.

I used all different types of candle holders to create unique solar lights for my yard.

You should always look for lace curtains or table clothes . These can be for a lot of craft ideas. I love to coffee stain old curtains that I pick up in my local Goodwill.

You can create some unique trees out of lampshades. I also made an amazing light using doilies and a lampshade.

Old tea cups and dishes are another great item.

Frames are always a must have. We have made the most amazing message boards using old frames.

I love picking up colored glass. We are creating some amazing glass flowers for your yard using glass plates mixed with colored glass.

Glass light covers can be created into amazing solar lights for your yard. We also created a fund and unique glass tree with a few.

Here are a few more items to always look for when shopping your local thrift stores.

I always look at things and try to find a way to get creative and create something fun and unique with it. I am always picking things up in my local thrift stores and storing them in Rubbermaid’s. I’m a huge crafter so I have to accumulate a lot of items so that I have them as I need them. I hope this will inspire you stop at your local thrift store and look at items in a different way. Be creative and have fun making your home a unique place to live.