Okay fall is around the corner and I have been buying a lot of pumpkins. I will sometimes buy pumpkins and then change them up a bit. I had a pile of pumpkins and I decided it would be fun to use a few of them and create a fun snowman! I found some small tinsel pumpkins in Hobby Lobby that I knew would be easy to create into a snowman.

I bought 3 of these tinsel pumpkins and I knew if I removed the tinsel it would give me the forms I needed to created a snowman.

I also picked up some stick arms, a carrot nose and beads for the eyes and mouth. Some other items I will be using are a chunky yarn, hot glue , ribbon, small doilies , bling embellishments and scissors.

You will first want to remove all of the tinsel from the pumpkins.

Once the tinsel is removed you want to start to add your chunky yarn. I am using a cream chunky yarn from Hobby Lobby.

You can add a piece of cardboard to the bottom of one pumpkin. This is an optional step. I am adding this cardboard to the pumpkin that will be the bottom piece of my snowman.

I then start adding the chunky yarn using hot glue here and there.

You will cover the whole pumpkin with the yarn. When I come to the top I just snap off the stem pieces.

You will now add the chunky yarn to the other two pumpkins. I did not add the cardboard to these two pumpkins because they will be glued onto the top of the other pumpkin.

Once they are covered with the chunky yarn I glued them all into place.

I then added the hat, nose, eyes and mouth with hot glue. I changed the hat up a bit and added some cream ribbon and a small doily.

I just added some glue to the ends of the arms and stuck them into the sides of the pumpkin.

He is so easy to make and I just love how he turned out!!