Trees do not have to be in your home just for Christmas. I keep trees up all year long in my home. I have all kinds of trees and they are all different shapes and sizes. I recently did a walk through of my main level of my home and we counted 49 trees. Here are all 49 styles of trees that I have on the main level of my home.

Lets start with the porch! On my porch I have seven trees. 

This is the 1st tree. I keep this tree in a cement container so it doesn’t blow over in bad weather. I will be keeping a black and white check ribbon on it and switch out the decor for fall and Christmas.




The 2nd tree I have in a cast iron pot with the black and white check ribbon for garland. The pot and ribbon will stay and I will change out the holiday decor for each season.

The 3rd and 4th trees both tall pencil trees I got from Walmart at Christmas time. I love these trees because they are skinny and fit perfectly on my porch. I keep them on my porch all year long and change out the decorations according to the season.




Tree 5 is a smaller tree that I keep in my sink on the front porch. It is in a simple tin bucket.




Trees 6 and 7 are real cypress trees. They add a pop of color to my side porch.

Once you enter my home you will see tree number 8 to your right which is a brown tree. I keep it in a cream basket and added a cotton garland. I will be adding some orange pumpkins to it for fall and burlap stars for Christmas.

On the other side of my foyer is tree number 9. This is a 9ft tree. I have this tree in a rust colored milk can. I like having my trees in containers because I fell like it makes the tree look larger and finishes the tree off.

This tree is decorated for fall right now with the fabric pumpkins we have been making and all our dollar tree DIY’s.

When you come around the corner and enter my dining room you will find trees 10,11 and 12. These are the diy lace grapevine trees we made and a bottle brush tree I have placed into a candlestick holder.

Next is tree number 13 which is a 5ft Tahoe tree. I have lace and burlap on this tree as my garland. I keep the garland and container neutral in color so i can easily add different holiday decor to it.

Tree 14 is a 6 ft alpine tree that I also keep in a neutral container with neutral garland. Using a neutral container and garland makes it a lot easier to change out for different seasons and holidays.

Continuing around the dining room you will find trees 15,16 and 17 which are diy pom pom trees. These were made out of yarn ,styrofoam tree and candlestick holders.

Trees 18 and 19 are grapevine trees. I purchased these from Kirkland’s years ago. I love them because they are grapevine and will go with anything type of decor.

Then we have tree number 20. This is in an amazing wooden bucket with dried hydrangeas throughout. I change out the decor on tree depending on the season or holiday.

Trees 21, 22 and 23 are diy paper trees.

Trees 24 and 25 are small cypress trees I purchased fromHobby Lobby. I put them in small silver pieces I found at my local goodwill.

Next is tree number 26. This is a diy Shabby chic tree that we made here at The Shabby Tree.

Continuing in the dining is tree number 27. This is a unique tree that I made out of glass shades I purchased from my local goodwill. A tree doesn’t have to be a green tree. If you get creative you can creat unique trees.

Tree 28 is made out of my cream bowls from my kitchen.

Still in the dining room is tree number 29. I’m keeping this tree simple and plain with brown cord twinkle lights. This is in a ceramic container that looks like a basket which I found in Home Goods.

Going into the kitchen we have tree number 30. This is the tree a smaller tree that I ordered from amazon. I keep it up on my refrigerator in a crock.




Also in the kitchen we have tree number 31,32 and 33. Number 31 is a green tree that I have in a gold bucket that I purchased from my local goodwill. I have a garland of gold and silver flowers on it . I like the gold and silver mixed together. These are easy colors that allow me to add a touch of holiday decor without having to do a lot of work.

Tree 32 is a diy paper tree and tree 33 is the small cypress tree in cream cup inside the small case.

Then still in the kitchen we have tree 34 and 35. Tree 34 is up high in my silver container from goodwill and tree 35 is the small cypress tree in the cream colored creamer.

Now going into the living room we have trees 36 and 37. These are tall wooden trees. You can leave these trees plain like I have done or you can add some decoration to them.

On my fireplace mantel in living room we have trees 38 and 39. These are grapevine trees that I purchased from Kirkland’s a few years ago.

Tree 40 is the diy grapevine tree which I have at the lower base of my fireplace in living room.

Going into the corner of the living room we have tree number 41. This is a basic tall skinny green tree I purchased from Walmart at Christmas time. I have this tree in a simple ceramic pot.

Tree 42 and 43 are located up high on top of a cabinet in my living room. You have a handmade stuffed chenille tree and a diy grapevine tree.

Tree 44 is a unique tree. Using books I found at a local thrift store I stacked them to create a unique tree.

In the half bath off of the living I keep tree number 45. This is a simple gold tree that I keep in a brown crock.

Going into my bedroom you will find trees 46, 47 and 48. These are all my  wooden DIY trees. These are fun and simple to make. I do have a set of battery operated lights on one of the trees.

And last in my bedroom is tree number 49 . This is a simple green tree that I keep in a crock. I like using the crock as the container because it will go with any decorations I choose to put onto the tree.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the 49 trees that I have on my main level of my home. I keep these trees up all year long. A tree does not have to be only used at Christmas time. Trees can also be made up of a variety of things. I try to encourage everyone to try keeping up one small tree all year long. The lights and look of my trees give me a cozy feeling when I’m in my home.