If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you all know I am obsessed with trees of all kinds. I am always trying to find fun and unique ways to create a variety of trees. There is a fun and easy way to make a tree using wooden biscuits. I am making this tree into an ornament.

The supplies I am using for this are:

1. Wooden biscuits (these are #10 and I ordered them from amazon)

2. Hot glue

3. Paper plate

4. Paint brush

5. Small stick from a tree

6. Cream chalk paint

7. Gel stain

8. Twine

9. Drill and drill bit

10. Scissors

The first step is to paint the wooden biscuits. I am painting mine with a cream chalk paint. You can paint these any color you want.

You will want to paint both sides of the biscuits.

You will cut into the center of the plate and then wrap the plate to form a cone.


Once the biscuits are painted you will want to form the paper plate into a cone shape.

You will then glue the cone in place.

I am leaving my plate as is because I painted my biscuits a cream color. You will want to paint your cone shaped plate the same color as you painted the biscuits.

I poked a hole in the top of the cone. This will allow me to place twine up through the cone.

I drilled a hole through one end of the stick and then put the twine through the hole.

The stick is the trunk to the tree and the twine will be the hanger.

You will now glue one row of the biscuits to the underneath of the cone.

Once you complete the row underneath you will begin to glue a row around the outside.

You will continue glueing the biscuits to the outside of the cone. You will glue one row at a time and you will slightly overlap them as you go up the cone.

I have one row underneath the cone and then 4 rows on the outside of the cone.

I painted on some of the gel stain to give my tree a more rustic look.

This is so easy to make and can be painted any color you want. I love how this can be made into an ornament for your tree or you can get creative and make it as a table topper tree. You can easily replace the stick with a candle holder to create a table topper tree. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.