When I was in Target shopping I found some adorable little bunny sacks. I knew I could transform them into a cute Easter decoration. You can do this to almost any type of cloth sack.
The supplies you will need are:
1. Cloth bunny sack (the sack I am using is from Target)
2. Stuffing
3. Scissors
4. Wire
5. Glue gun (I’m using sure bonder fabric glue)
6. Wire cutters
I always like to coffee stain my material so I dipped the bunny sack into instant coffee to give it more of a primitive look.
The first thing you will need to do is add wire to the ears of the sack. I am using an 18 gauge wire. I am cutting a slit at the base of the ear and then sliding the wire up.

After you get the wire up into the ear you will want to add a little glue on the ends of the wire. This will help hole your wire all in place.
Next you will want to stuff your sack with your stuffing. When you get to the top you can stick your excess wire into the center of the stuffing. I left my wire longer because I feel like it helps to hole the ears in place better.
Once your sack is completely stuffed you will want to close it shut. I slightly pulled the string and then glued the opening shut.
This is such a quick and easy Easter decoration to make. I will be adding some into my trees. This would also be adorable in the center of a wreath for your front door.