You all know that I love trees and that I keep them up all year long. I love keeping my trees in containers and I wanted to create a container that I can switch out for Christmas and Fall. This is a very simple container to create and the main item I will be using is a cardboard box.

Some other supplies you will need are:

1. Cardboard box (I’m using a 12x12x12 box)

2. Calendar (I’m using the farmers market calendar from the Dollar Tree)

3. Spray paint (I’m using a black spray paint)

3. Mod podge

4. Paint brush

5. Scrapbook paper (this is optional and I’m using 12×12 sheets of scrapbook paper)

The first step is to spray paint the outside of your box.

I then decided what sheets of paper or sheets from the calendar that I was going to use to put onto the box. I am using a fall and a Christmas sheet from the calendar. I will place these on opposite sides of each other. I want to make this box so that It can be flipped and used for both Fall and Christmas.

I put a coat of the mod podge onto the side of the box.

I then placed my calendar sheet over the mod podge and rubbed all the lumps and bubbles out.

I did this for all 4 sides of the box. I did the Fall calendar sheet, the Christmas calendar sheet and then two scrapbook sheets.

This is very easy to create and you can use any size box and any type of paper or photos you want.