I’m always looking for ideas for making ornaments for my trees. If your looking for a low cost and easy ornament then this diy is for you.

The supplies you will need:

1. Clothespins ( I am using 2 different sized clothespins from Walmart.

2. Paint or stain if your choice

3. Glue ( I am using gorilla wood glue and wood glue for my glue gun)

4. Drill (this is only if you want to drill a hole for hanging)

5. Twine

6. Paint brush

7. Elmer’s glue and glitter ( I’m using mica flakes)

Your first step is to take apart your clothes pins. I will be using 8 large clothespins and 8 small clothespins for each snowflake.






Once you have all your pieces apart I then glued my big pieces together. If your painting them you can glue your two pieces together and then paint . I also stained a few and I stained my pieces before gluing together. You can do this either way. You should have 16 big pieces and you will be gluing 2 pieces together to form 8 pieces for your outer part of the snowflake.






Before gluing my 8 pieces together I drilled a hole in one. This is where I will put some twine to hang the snowflake.

Now you need to start gluing forming the outside of your snowflake.






You will just glue all your pieces together at the center.

You will do the same process for the center part of your snowflake. This time instead of gluing your pieces all at the center you will place the glue on backside of piece and glue down to your outer piece of snowflake.

Your snowflake is now complete and you can add glitter or bling. I placed Elmer’s glue over the top part of my snowflake and added mica flakes. The other snowflake I just hit glued a bling embellishment to front.

These are so easy to make and you can get creative and make them all unique. Below are some photos of the items I used.