I love candles but I seem to be obsessed with battery operated candles. We have created covers for candles and even used napkins on candles but I have another idea I want to try. I think it would be fun to create a beaded ring that can slip on and off of a candle.

The supplies that I will be using are:

1. Wooden beads ( you can use any type of bead that you want)

2. Stretch cord ( I purchased mine from Walmart)

3. Scissors

4. Cross or bling charm ( optional)

The first step is to cut a strip of the stretch cord. I measured the cord around my candle and cut it a few inches longer. It will be easier to add the beads and pull the cord to knot it if you make it longer.

I bought a bucket of beads from Walmart.

I wrapped the cord around the candle to try and see how many beads I will need.

I placed a cross charm in the center but this is optional.

You want to be sure to pull the stretch cord tightly around the corner and tie a knot.

You can place this beaded ring at the bottom of the candle or up higher on the candle.

I love how easy this is to create and how you can make them all different.

These can be slid on and off the candle.

I hope you will have fun and give this Diy a try.