I love creating fun and unique items for my home but I also love fun and unique fashion items. A lot of the stores have been putting holiday t-shirts out and right now I have been seeing a few Valentine t-shirts. While shopping in Marshall’s I found a pack of fun heart shaped placemats. After looking at these placemats I knew we could create a fun Valentine t-shirt with them.

I will be using bleach and water to create the design into the t-shirt. You will want to mix half bleach and half water into a spray bottle. I make my mixture an equal amount of water to bleach but you can add as much water as you want to the bleach.

I will be using the heart shaped placemat and I cut a heart out of a piece of lace. These t-shirts are so easy to make and you can create so many different kinds. I am using a variety of t-shirts that I purchased from Hobby Lobby and Walmart. This project is all about having fun and getting creative. You will want to be sure to place something up in the shirt before you spray your mixture onto the shirt. I am placing a piece of cardboard up in the center of my t-shirt and this will prevent the bleach from going through the back of my shirt.

I laid the placemat onto the t-shirt and then sprayed the bleach and water all over and around the placemat. You will lift the placemat off of the t-shirt and give it some time to dry. I then sprayed more bleach onto the arms and around the back of the t-shirt. I can’t tell you exactly how much bleach and water to spray onto your shirt. How much you spray is totally up to you. I like to lightly spray the arms and back of my t-shirts because I feel like it helps it all blend together.

You can use a variety of different items to creat fun prints onto your t-shirts. I cut a heart out of a piece of lace and it created a fun lace print onto the t-shirt.

You can find fun wooden cut outs in The Dollar Tree that work perfect on the t-shirts.

The wooden skull cut out is from the Dollar Tree.

I placed a large wooden circle cut out in the center of a black t-shirt and then sprayed the bleach and water. You can use a bleach pen to write onto the t-shirt. I found a bleach pen in Hobby Lobby a while back.

These are so fun and easy to make and I hope you will all get creative and give it a try. Also, I always like to wash my t-shirts by themselves for the first wash.