My daughter is getting married in October and we are trying to come up with some decorations. If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you all know I am always crafting and trying to create fun and unique things. One of my favorite items to use when crafting is bling. You can find bling in a variety of places but I recently discovered Totally Dazzled. They have a large selection of bling to choose from which gave me the idea to create a fun and unique wedding bouquet. This bouquet will make a great decoration for the bridal shower and at the wedding.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One large styrofoam ball (mine is 5.6 In)

2. A piece of a tree limb

3. Doilies in a variety of sizes (I order my doilies from Amazon)

4. Floral Pins

5. Hot glue

6. Cheese cloth (I coffee stained mine)

7. Bling in a variety of sizes

8. Scissors

9. Ribbons

10. Procion mx dye (016 rust orange)

11. Wire cutters

You will find my affiliate links for a few of the items that I am using at the end if this blog post.

I colored half of my doilies a rust orange. You will see in photo above that I used Procion MX dye and I ordered it from amazon. I mixed the dye with water to color my doilies.

I used the scissors to create a hole in the styrofoam ball.

I then inserted my tree limb up into the hole. My daughter likes the rustic look which is why I used a tree limb.

I took 3 layers of my coffee stained cheese cloth to cover the styrofoam ball.

I used an extra thin strip of cheese cloth to tie around the base of the styrofoam ball.

I cut the center out of a larger doily to attach around the base of the styrofoam ball.

I used the floral pins to attach the doily in place.

I then started applying all of the doilies onto the styrofoam ball. There is no specific way to do this part. I will be mixing my different shades of doilies and overlapping them here and there. All of the doilies are attached to the styrofoam ball with the floral pins.

I decided to cut off all of the extra hanging cheesecloth. You can leave some strands hanging to mix in with the ribbons later on.

I found it easiest to hot glue the bling onto the doilies. You can use wire cutters to remove some of the pins if you want.

I added all of my large bling first and then added the smaller bling. If you try to keep the floral pins in the center area of the doilies then the bling will hide the floral pins once they are glued in place.

I took a few strands of different ribbons and tied them around the base of the bouquet. You can tie a bow or leave just strands of ribbon like I did. This can be created so many different ways but I thought I would share how I created mine. I love how this turned out and I think it will make a great fun and unique decoration . You will find my affiliate links for a few of the items I used down below.

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