We have started creating some fun and unique Easter decorations here at The Shabby Tree. I have been pulling out all of my Spring and Easter decorations and realized I don’t have many easter containers. My mind started going and I came up with a way to make a very easy and unique bunny head container.

The Supplies I will be using are:

1. One wire mesh basket from the Dollar Tree measuring 9 inches tall

2. Cream chunky yarn

3. Hot glue

4. Scissors

5. Wire cutters

6. Black paint

7. Pink paint ( I’m using vintage pink by DecoArt)

8. Paint brush Two large tan pom poms

9.Medium tan pom pom

10.Small pom poms ( 2 tan and one white)

11. Two tan pipe cleaners (mine are white and I coffee stained them)

12. Paper ear pattern ( my ear is 4 1/2 inches high and 2 1/2 inches wide. You can print the pattern down below)

You will want to mark off the lines on the basket where you will cut it.

I came up five diamond shapes and marked dots going around the entire basket. This will give me a container that has an even height all around.

I then came over two diamond shapes from the center point to trace my ear pattern.

You will trace both ears and then use the wire cutters to cut them out.

Once you have both ears cut out you will then go around and cut along the dots you made.

Once you have your basket cut it is time to start adding the chunky yarn.

I will be starting at the bottom of the basket

You will cover the bottom of the basket and work your way up the sides of the basket.

You will go to the top of the basket and skip the ears for right now. When you reach the top you will flip the yarn behind the ears and start covering the inside of the basket.

You do not have to cover the inside of the basket but I like this finished look better.

Once you completely covered the inside you will cover the ears.

I added hot glue as I continued wrapping.

I cut 3 pieces of pipe cleaner to be about 5 inches long for whiskers. You will want to add some pink paint to the medium size pom pom.

I added some black paint to the larger two pom pom’s. You will want to cut the smaller white pom pom in half and add some to the center of the black pom pom’s.

I glued the eyes , nose and mouth onto the chunky yarn as shown in photo above. You will want to add some pink paint to the ears.

This bunny head is so easy to make and can be used as a basket or a simple container for decoration. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.

Click Here to Download the Pattern